Viscoelastic topper - Madison Visco

Viscoelastic foam topper
Adaptable according to pressure and body heat
It is easy to fit and has a zippered cover
Ideal for adding extra comfort to your mattress
Altura: +/-6 cm
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Our viscoelastic Madiso Visco topper is ideal to give additional comfort to your mattress. It is very easy to put on, it adapts to any mattress, and its zipped cover can be machine washed (maximum 40 degrees). Its viscoelastic foam core can perfectly adapt to any person by taking into account their pressure and body heat. The cover of this topper is 100% made of polyester Stretch fabric, which is soft to the touch, and provides elasticity and breathability to the topper. It also adapts perfectly to any mattress thanks to its four elastic straps. This topper is ideal if you want to improve the comfort benefits of your current mattress, be it old or new. It has the Triple Barrier hygienic treatment that protects your health and the health of your loved ones by keeping mites and bacteria away from your mattress.

It adapts perfectly to each person, favouring the highest feeling of comfort and offering elasticity and breathability.


This topper is made with a viscoelastic core, thus enhancing the degree of comfort. It adapts perfectly to each sleeper, offering greater stability and breathability.


Thanks to its zipper incorporated into the topper, you can wash it and always keep it in optimal condition.


Thanks to its zipper incorporated into the topper, you can wash it and always keep it in optimal condition.

Product details


  • If you want to add additional comfort to your mattress, the viscoelastic topper is the best option. You will improve the performance of your mattress and it adapts to any mattress as its zipper cover is machine washable.

  • Thanks to its viscoelastic foam composition, it provides greater comfort and softness. It receives a person depending on their pressure and thermal footprint. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and disperses the heat we generate when sleeping.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester
  • Layers: 100% polyester stretch fabric and viscoelastic plate

4.8 / 5
6 reviews
  1. ACL 13/10/2023
    Totalmente recomendable.
  2. Eva González 5/10/2023
    Topper súper comfortable!
  3. Fernando Simões Rodrigues 8/12/2022
  4. Tania Monteiro 12/10/2022
    Exceptionally comfortable and practical
  5. Tania Monteiro 16/09/2022
    Excellent. Great product to improve sleep quality
  6. Maria 6/05/2022
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