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Medium-high firmness latex pillow. Its multi-perforated core allows the passage of air inside, providing good breathability and air circulation. Fully hygienic rest thanks to the ULTRAFRESH antibacterial treatment.
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This technology offers a soft and cosy feeling. It adapts to your body without pressure.


The medium-high firmness latex pillows are distinguished by their multi-perforated core, allowing air to pass through their interior. This generates greater breathability and air circulation. They are also perfect for those who sleep on their back. Therefore, the firmness and thickness of these pillows should be intermediate.

Product details


  • Medium-high firmness, highly breathable latex pillow. With this pillow we will obtain greater stability and comfort, as it adapts perfectly to the shape and weight of the head.

  • In this case, this pillow is optimal for sleeping on your back, so we must choose a pillow of intermediate firmness and thickness.

  • With this pillow, you will achieve a fully hygienic rest thanks to the UltraFresh antibacterial treatment. It can be washed and dried in the regular washing machine and it does not lose any of its properties.



  • Outer cover: 100% cotton with ULTRAFRESH hygienic treatment
  • Inner protective cover: 100% polyester microfibre
  • Core: 100% multi-perforated open cell latex

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