Articulated latex mattress - POLE

Articulated mattress with a latex core
With low firmness for a soft reception
5 different comfort and rest zones
Perfect adjustment for a quality rest
Altura: +/-18,50cm
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The Pole latex mattress is designed specially for adjustable beds. It is formed by a latex core and high-density polymeric foaming, which, thanks to its elastic properties and movement insulators, provides a quality rest. It has 5 different comfort and rest areas. Padding with a soft polyether fibre and an interior cover for better hygiene.

1. Stretch Fabric Cover: with great feel and weight that provides elasticity and breathability.
2. Soft polyester Fibre: for a comfortable fit.
3. Interior Cover: for better hygiene and protection of the rest equipment.
4. 100% Latex Block: high-density polymeric foam created from latex. The flexibility of this material favours a restful sleep. 
T. Triple Barrier®: Complete and continuous hygienic protection. This barrier protects the user against the main causes of allergies, including mites, bacteria, and fungi, throughout the useful life of the mattress.

Product details


  • Core technology: Thanks to the flexibility of the latex core, it provides a soft and restorative rest.

  • Padding technology: Soft polyester fibre provides soft comfort and a padded reception.


  • This articulated latex mattress is especially designed for adjustable beds. Latex mattresses are soft and adapt perfectly to the morphology of your body.

  • Thanks to its elastic and movement-insulating properties, it provides high quality rest.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester and stretch fabric
  • Layers: stretch fabric, soft polyether fibre, 100% latex, soft polyester fibre, stretch fabric
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